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The Difference Between Tire Balancing And Tire Alignment

By November 2, 2020No Comments

For most car owners, it is hard to distinguish between tire alignment and tire balancing. In fact, at first glance, both terms seem to have one meaning. However, the truth is that these two terms have very different meanings. The simple distinction is that tire balancing refers to the process where the weight of the vehicle puts pressure on the wheels hence preventing the car from vibrating when in motion while tire alignment refers to the process of ensuring that all the wheels on the vehicle point towards the same direction for enhanced stability and performance when the car is in motion. Below, we will discuss both terms in detail so as to help you determine which type of service you should get for your vehicle next time you visit our car maintenance center.

What Does Tire Balancing Entail?

During tire balancing, car maintenance professionals usually ensure that the weighted spot that arises during the assembly of the wheels and tires is balanced so that your car does not experience vibration when in motion. The act of tire balancing usually involves the addition of small weights on the wheels. Once the interconnected system of wheels and tires gets balanced, your car will run more smoothly. Tire balancing also has other benefits such as reducing the level of wear and tear on your tires, the drivetrain and chassis.

One of the most common indicators that your car tires are not balanced is a vibration that mostly emanates from the steering wheel, car seats or the floorboard. If it is your front tires that are unbalanced, you are likely to feel some vibration coming from your car steering wheel. If it is your rear wheels that are unbalanced, you are likely to feel some vibration coming from either the floor or the seats. The level and intensity of the vibration can change depending on the speed of your car. It is important that you repair any imbalances in your car wheels since when they left unchecked they tend to cause uneven and quick wearing of tires which usually necessitates regular replacement of tires.

If you buy a new set of tires at Fairway Collision Center, we will ensure that we balance your tires and wheels when fitting your new tires. Remember that over time, your wheel assembly system will end up becoming unbalanced. However, if you choose Fairway Collision Center, this should not stress you. As an added incentive to our customers, we usually offer a lifetime tire re-balancing guarantee.

What Does Tire Alignment Entail?

Tire alignment usually entails adjusting the angles on all your car’s wheels so that they are always pointing in the same direction when you are driving or cutting corners. Your tires can end up getting misaligned over time as you drive especially if you hit a lot of potholes or other obstacles frequently.

If your car wheels are not in sync when you are driving, it usually means that your tires are scuffing the road when your car is in motion. Tire misalignment can cause your car to be off-center or to pull to one side, faster wear of your tires and eventual use of more fuel when you are driving.

One of the most common indicators of tire misalignment is when some of your car tires wear out faster than the rest. Ideally, we recommend that you get your car wheels inspected for misalignment at least twice annually perhaps in the early spring and fall. If you can only manage to get your car inspected once annually, we recommend that you get it done in early spring.

If you notice that your car is pulling towards one side when you are driving on a level road, uneven wear in your tires or a steering wheel that feels off-center, bring your car to Fairway Collision Center so that we can align your wheels and help you drive you safely.

To Keep Your Car Operating Optimally and Drive Safely, Visit Fairway Collision Center & Automotive Tire Balancing and Alignment

At Fairway Collision Center, we will align and balance your car wheels so that your prized ride operates optimally the way the manufacturer designed it. While working on aligning and balancing your car, rest assured that we will thoroughly inspect all other components of your car to ensure that you and your loved ones are always safe when cruising down the highway.