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Shock And Strut Replacements

By October 1, 2020No Comments
brake repair

brake repairWhenever your mechanic tells you that your car needs its shocks or struts replaced, you are probably consumed with confusion and uncertainty about whether this is even necessary.

First of all, all vehicles are sold with shocks, structs, or perhaps both. Shock absorbers, or shocks, are meant to absorb the shock generated by bumps and dips in the roadway. This helps the car move in a comfortable and steady manner. Struts do something similar, though they have a different design. Each of these components is mounted to the car’s suspension and represent a key element of handling, steering, and overall control of the vehicle.

Often, when folks contemplate struts and shocks, the think of the better ride and comfort they can provide. However, these components also play a big role in terms of vehicle safety. When these parts begin to show signs of wear, the car’s tires start to bounce more and grip the road less. This impacts steering, braking, and handling in a negative way.

In terms of a replacement schedule for shocks and struts, it is important to always keep tabs on the last time maintenance on yours was done. If you regularly drive on bumpy roadways, you will probably need a more frequent replacement schedule. Vehicle manufacturers usually make replacement recommendations based on mileage intervals, and this information is typically found in a car’s owner’s manual. Always read the manual to ensure that you remain on top of all vehicle maintenance requirements, not just that related to shocks and struts. Whenever your car is in the shop for service, the mechanic needs to take a close look at the shocks, struts, or both and provide suggestions about when replacements are needed. Do not be alarmed when your service professional advises new components, because the fact is that they do require replacement perhaps more than you might think.

Is Replacement Really Required?
When you are told that a shock or strut replacement is called for, chances are that you should agree to the repair. This is because quality shocks and struts that are in good condition also provide protection to other related vehicle components. Overall safety and the comfort level of the car’s ride will be improved as well. If you do have these components replaced, make sure to save all documentation and records of the repairs, because it is good to be able to show prospective buyers down the road that you have taken good care of the car.

If you are wondering how much this type of replacement will cost, use our repair estimator to determine prices for your vehicle in your geographic location.

Fairway Collision Center prides itself on providing thoughtful service suggestions to every customer we serve, something that not every quick-lube location can offer. We consider your budgetary limitations, vehicle use patterns, and other factors to make recommendations that will suit your needs. We make use of a “bounce test” to assess just how critical your replacement needs may be at a given point of time, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a repair really is required. For friendly, accessible, and personalized service, bring your vehicle to us today.