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Things to Put in Your Car for Winter

By December 30, 2020No Comments

Sturdy Ice Scraper and Snow Brush
This is among the most important things to have in your car during winter. Keep in mind that the weatherman is sometimes wrong and a small chance of flurries can leave a few inches of snow on your car. So, as soon as the cold weather starts, keep an ice scraper and snow brush in your car. Ice and snow on cars can be dangerous as they can obstruct a driver’s view or fly off and hit another car. Clearing your car of ice and snow before driving can help you prevent an accident.

Keeping a small or collapsible shovel in your trunk will help you in case your car is stuck in snow or when you need to clear a path to drive.

Gloves and Other Winter Clothing
If you wear gloves and other warm clothing when clearing snow, the task will be easier. You can also consider keeping a few hand warmers inside your car. Being always ready to bundle up will help you prevent frostbite. When it comes to clearing your car, you will do a better job when you are warm.

It is important to have a blanket in your car as this will help you when you get stranded or when you are involved in an accident. Keep in mind that in such situations, it gets cold fast particularly when your car cannot turn on. And since a car’s heater is not reliable in such situations, have a blanket in your car to keep warm.

Emergency Flares or Reflectors
Snowstorms often reduce visibility regardless of the time of day or night. Reflectors are important when you want other cars and emergency vehicles to see your car in case you are stopped on the side of the road.

Rock Salt, Sand, or Kitty Litter
Having these coarse materials is important as they will help your tires gain traction when it is stuck in the snow. If you find yourself in a slippery situation, spread coarse material near your tires and in the path of your car to get out of this situation.

First Aid Kit
A first aid kit is important in the event of an accident or minor mishaps like scrapes, burns, and cuts as it treats injuries. Even though a first aid kit is important throughout the year, it is important to have it in your car during winter as emergency response might be slow when it is snowing. Administer basic first aid to the injured person until help arrives.

It gets dark earlier in the winter. A flashlight can help you when you stall or get stranded at night as it will help you find out what is wrong. Besides, a flashlight can make it easier for other road users to see you.

Jumper Cables
Your car’s battery can be affected by cold weather. If your car’s battery is dead, you cannot start your car meaning that you will not use the heater of your car for warmth. Waiting for a jump start in the cold weather isn’t fun. If you have jumper cables, you will not have to wait for a long time for a jump start.

Apart from being a summer accessory, sunglasses can also be used in the winter as the reflection of the sun on the snow is bright. Wearing sunglasses while driving reduces glare.

Cell Phone Charger
Apart from charging your phone before driving, you should have a phone charger in your car. Keep in mind that your phone will be important when you are stuck or involved in an accident as you will need it to call for assistance.

Water and Non-Perishable Snacks
You have to wait for assistance when you get stranded and you may have to wait longer if the road conditions are bad. In such situations, storing water and snacks will come in handy. A snack such as a granola bar tastes good when you are waiting for assistance. Remember snacks for your children as they may get hungry and cranky in such situations.

These are important things to keep inside your car during winter. You have to also ensure that you have gas and good wiper blades before hitting the road. Keep a half-full tank of gas in your car during winter and ensure that the wiper blades work optimally. It may also be a good idea to get snow tires.