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The Telltale Signs Your Car Needs Service

By June 30, 2022No Comments
tune up

tune upThe majority of auto owners typically neglect to service their cars as frequently as necessary. It’s simple enough to forget when you last changed your oil or had your car tuned up. However, there are a few indicators that you should have a car service professional inspect or fix the vehicle. If not, you run the risk of expensive harm. What you should know is as follows.

  • Look for any dashboard warnings or the engine light on your car. The diagnostic system in the car is helpful to keep the engine functioning correctly. Make sure you take care of any blinking or flashing warning indicators as well as the check engine indicators very away.
  • Does the car have any oil stains underneath it? There is a concern if there are any dark brown oil stains on the garage floor or driveway. These stains are indeed extremely unattractive. Additionally, it’s a symptom that your car has an oil leak. It can be an issue with the oil filter or a drain plug that isn’t properly installed. Additionally, the engine gasket can be faulty.
  • Is there any bluish-green fluid below the car? It indicates that there is a leak in the radiator fluid. It may be anything from a cracked or punctured radiator to a faulty hose fitting attached to the radiator. Your engine is at danger of overheating or irreparable damage, so you need to get this issue corrected right away.
  • Does the material make any creaking or screaming noises when it breaks? Many automakers make sure that when the brakes are worn out, they generate a high-pitched squeak or squeal. It can also be an indication that the braking components are too worn out. Delaying the brake repair could result in much higher costs for you.
  • Does the vehicle scrape upon braking? It’s an indication that the brake pads weren’t promptly changed. Additionally, it reveals that the brake rotor surface has developed wear or blemishes. The brake pads are probably past their wear limit. As a result, the brake rotor is in contact with the other components of the braking system. It’s time to fix the brakes right away.
  • When the car is running, does it make any louder spitting, rumbling, or other unusual noises? Well, that indicates that there is a problem with the exhaust system. It could be a simple issue such as a hole or disconnected pipe. Additionally, it can be an indication of a serious issue like a damaged catalytic converter or muffler.
  • Does the engine beneath the hood make any shrieking or chirping noises? Drive belts, also known as serpentine belts, are in charge of routing engine power to ancillary purposes like air conditioning and power steering. These belts will eventually wear out and become glazed, brittle, or frayed. When you start the car, it will make a screeching or chirping noise in particular. To prevent this in the future, repair the belts.
  • Does the car buzz, roar, or growl when you’re driving? It suggests that your tires may be worn out or distorted. They must be replaced right away. This is a sign of a bad wheel bearing if you hear it when turning or changing lanes. To avoid getting stranded, have these problems looked at right away.

You need a reliable mechanic to assist you if your car is having any problems. Help is available from Fairway Collision and Automotive. Avoid ignoring any of these warning flags on your car because doing so will end up costing you money.