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The Most Common Reasons Why Your Car Heater Doesn’t Work

By November 28, 2023No Comments
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The majority of drivers in this area don’t pay much attention to their car heaters most of the time. Why wouldn’t the heater continue to work if it worked last winter? Wrong. When you don’t use your heating system regularly, it can have some problems. The auto heating system is made up of a heater, a coolant system, a fan and HVAC controls. Your heating system can malfunction due to a variety of problems that may arise.

There are many reasons why your heater may not be working.

Broken Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is the most common reason for your car not heating up. A broken thermostat prevents the engine from warming up properly. The part, which can be either stuck open or closed, can cause problems with your heating system and engine cooling system. One is a comfort issue, while the other could be a “uh-oh” moment.

Low antifreeze/Coolant

Low antifreeze/coolant is the second most common cause of heat not working in cars. If your coolant/antifreeze level drops, hot fluid cannot reach the heater core. Your cabin will remain chilly. It can happen if your engine overheats or if you have a leak.

Leaky Radiator

A leaking radiator can also be connected or unrelated to the above issue. A leaky car radiator could prevent coolant reaching the heater core of the vehicle and damage the engine.

Heater core clogged

Debris and other particles can also contaminate the cooling system. These particulates prevent your heater core from properly circulating air in the cabin. It can occur when the interior of a radiator rusts or when debris passes through the radiator to attach itself to the heater core. You’ll need to replace or refurbish the heater core, no matter how it happened.

Fairway Collision Center is able to inspect, tune-up, and repair the heating and cooling system of your vehicle. This will ensure that your engine lasts longer. Fairway Collision Center in Vadnais Height, MN can assist you with car heater repairs and other maintenance issues.