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Stress Free Comprehensive Collision, Automotive Repair, And Maintenance Services Offered To Customers

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auto body repair near meOwning a vehicle is no stroll in the park since a lot of work needs to be invested in it to ensure that it is in accordance with road safety rules and regulations. It takes a lot of responsibility to own a car but there are incidences that occur outside anyone’s control. You are bound to experience a collision during the course of your ownership thus the necessity for an automotive repair service provider. We at Fairway Collision and Automotive totally understand how inconvenient and stressful this may be which is why we work tirelessly to restore your car to its original state if not better. We can lessen the burden on you by providing a loaner car while we deal with the repairs.

Diagnostics And Repair

Our technicians have the prowess to conduct a thorough diagnostic of your vehicle to find any damage that may have been caused by the collision. Our engineers will check every aspect of the car including the engine, fuel system, suspension, steering, tire alignment, transmission and brake system from where they will generate a repair report of the crash data together with the corrective actions to be taken. We provide accurate repairs on all damages and make calibrations if necessary to improve any part of your vehicle.

Computerized Paint Matching

In the event of a collision, it’s very likely that you will need body work done and we at Fairway Collision and Automotive guarantee an accurate paint color match to your vehicle. We use a computerized paint matching system that provides a sleek and flawless finish that is virtually identical to the actual color of the car in appearance. Our repair shop is fitted with downdraft painting booths and prep stations with improved ventilation systems ensuring a clean and perfect job is done with no dust or overspray. We use top quality factory paint so you won’t have to worry about peeling, unusual chipping or color fades. When we are done with the paint job, we will have it looking in pristine condition.

We understand that accidents may occur at any time which is why you don’t need an appointment to get in touch with us. For an after hours vehicle drop off, we have a drop box at the front garage door where you can fill in your details, put your car keys in the envelop provided and then drop it in the secure box. Contact us for a free estimate at 651.483.4055 or email to get guaranteed top quality and professional services.