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Spring Cleaning Your Car, Truck, and SUV

By February 28, 2023No Comments
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Winter can be very hard on your car’s paint, body and undercarriage. Winter is the time when most people spend the least amount of time cleaning their cars. Wash the wheel wells and rinse the undercarriage. A good coat of wax will help prolong the life of your paint against the scorching summer sun. While it won’t make your car more efficient, it will make the ride easier for everyone. It will also make your vehicle look better if you are considering selling it. Clean out the interior and apply vinyl/leather treatment to the dash to prevent cracking. Enjoy a new driving experience.

  1. Check your filters and inspect your wiper blades.

Winter ice quickly degrades wipers and we all know spring will bring rain showers. Do not wait until your wipers are damaged to replace them. They are easy to install and cheap. We can help you install them if you have any difficulties. Your car’s interior systems can also be worn out by winter, so it is a good idea to have them checked and replaced in spring. The manual of your vehicle should provide information about the frequency that each filter should be replaced.

  1. Rotate your tires and have the alignment or suspension checked.

Winter can be very harsh on roads. Your car may need alignment if you have encountered many potholes. Alignment issues can cause your tires to wear faster so it is worth keeping your car aligned. An alignment is required if you feel your vehicle is drifting to one side or the other, or if you notice that your steering wheel is not aligned when driving on a straight, flat road. You can have suspension checks done by a qualified mechanic.

  1. Make sure you have the oil and windshield wiper fluid checked.

This is the best time to inspect your oil level and mileage before you make your next oil change. You can also check your windshield wiper fluid, and possibly switch to a summer solution. These are often slightly more expensive than winter blends.

  1. Check your tire pressure before you swap tires.

Temperature fluctuations can cause your tire pressures to fluctuate. Check your tires now that the cold is over and the temperatures are rising. Now is the best time to change to spring/summer tires if you have winter tires. This will reduce fuel consumption and improve your tire life.

  1. Enjoy Spring Service Offers for Routine Maintenance

Spring is a great season to have your car maintained. Many manufacturers offer coupons that customers can use to save even more. Ask our team for the most current offers so you can save money on your vehicle maintenance.