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Six Fall car maintenance tasks to check off

By August 28, 2023No Comments
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auto maintenance mnWe’re officially in the fall and already experiencing changes to weather and temperatures. Autumn is a good time to check your car between summer heat and the winter freeze. You can do many of the important tasks for fall car maintenance yourself or with your mechanic.

Wiper Blades.

It is easy to replace these yourself. This is helpful since they need to be replaced annually. It’s time to replace your wipers if they are leaving streaks or skipping on the glass.

Heating System

Use your car’s heater to the fullest capacity on a mild or cold day to ensure it is working properly. You can also test the defroster once the frost has finally hit. It may be necessary to inspect your heating system if you notice that it takes longer to heat up or melt the frost.


Batteries are affected by extreme temperatures. The battery condition can determine how well you will be able to handle the freezing temperatures of winter. Check the charge if you have the tools. If you see a reading of 12 volts, or less, it is time to replace the battery because it has become unreliable. You should replace your battery about every 3 to 5 years.

Oil change

This is the time to get your oil changed if you have been putting it off. Oil changes are a great way to maintain your vehicle’s preventative maintenance. Oil that is too dirty will not work well in the engine, and could cause damage.

Tire Pressure.

The pressure in your tire will change as the temperature changes. Check it every two weeks to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Refer to the sticker on the driver’s door that will tell you what tire pressure is best for your car.

Tire Replacement/Winter Tires.

Check the tread on your tires. Will it last this winter? The penny test is a simple way to check. Insert a penny headfirst in the tread. If you can see Lincoln’s top, the tread may be too low to provide traction. You can try it in several different places to see if the tread has worn unevenly.

Tires are usually only purchased when there is a flat tire or the tread has worn away.  However, you can save money by buying your tires at the right moment.  Many auto shops will stock up on tires to perform well in the winter months, even though snow and ice are not on your mind. If the winter of this year is anything like that of last, we can expect at least five months with poor driving conditions.

Our monthly specials include discounts on many maintenance or repair tasks. If you need assistance with these car maintenance tasks for fall, stop by.