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How hot weather can affect your vehicle

By June 29, 2023No Comments
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Summertime is a time when people have more time to travel. You can enjoy the summer nights whether you are planning a vacation or going to a cabin for the weekend. Summertime means that it is very hot outside. The hot weather can be very damaging to your vehicle. As the weather warms, the exterior, interior and mechanical functions can be affected. You can prevent problems by taking some precautions and noticing certain things.

Interior Areas Affected

The sun’s heat and rays can fade your dashboard over time. This can lead to cracks in the dashboard or premature aging.

  • Most interiors can be protected from the sun by applying a protectant. Leather seats can benefit from leather conditioners made specifically for car interiors.
  • The tinted window glass can also reduce the damage that sunlight causes to your interior furnishings.
  • When possible, park your car in an area with shade.

Affected exterior areas

As your vehicle is exposed to the sun during long summer days, you may see fading of paint and clearcoat. Tire problems can be caused by the sun’s rays or extreme heat outside. The air pressure in tires changes as temperatures change.

  • Use a quality wax protectant to protect your paint from the harmful effects of summer sun.
  • Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended pressure. Incorrectly inflated tires may cause damage to your vehicle or even lead to a blowout.

It is important to check your tires pressure at all times, but particularly during the summer. Checking your tire pressure doesn’t always require a professional. Most auto parts stores carry a simple tire air-pressure gauge that will do the job.

Risk to mechanical functions during hot weather

Heat from the sun in summer can damage your car’s mechanical parts, including your engine, battery, cooling system and cooling system. You can take some precautions to reduce the risk of heat damage on your vehicle’s mechanical components.


In the summer heat, your battery is more susceptible to damage. Imagine the temperature under the hood. Your car’s battery will feel the heat if you do.

  • Check your car’s battery regularly. Some batteries that are older need fluids topped up. Check it often during the summer.
  • Periodically check your battery for bulges or cracks. Ask your mechanic to check out anything that seems unusual.
  • You can remove corrosion from your battery terminals. It can be removed by rubbing it with a brush or a cloth.

A/C system

Our vehicles’ A/C keeps us cool and comfortable while we drive to our summer vacation destinations. Routine maintenance will keep your A/C working all summer.

  • Regularly service your air conditioner. Replace the cabin air filters to improve cooling, and extend the life of the A/C. Early detection of A/C problems can save you hundreds in future repairs.
  • Examine belts and check for leaks. Clean out any clogged air vents which may prevent the system from working properly.

Think about your summer habits before you go out to enjoy the season. Do you park your car in a sunny parking lot or driveway for long periods of time? Prepare your vehicle for a summer of safe driving. You can enjoy a pleasant, safe and reliable driving experience in warm weather by inspecting the cooling system, tires and batteries of your vehicle.  Never leave pets or children unattended inside a vehicle during hot weather. Fairway Collision Center is available for all your auto needs in any season.