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Five Ways The Paint On Your Vehicle Can Become Damaged

By September 26, 2019September 30th, 2019No Comments
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auto body repairCars emerge from the factory with perfect paint that is totally free from scratches. The smooth, even layers of paint and primer glisten in the sun, shining beautifully and adding to the look of the vehicle. Auto body repair shops also do an excellent job of repainting vehicles after they have been damaged. When they leave the shop, cars that came in damaged look like new thanks to the excellent paint skills of workers at these facilities.

Unfortunately, the paint on your car probably won’t stay in like-new condition for very long. Harsh conditions and other outside factors can cause vehicle paint to deteriorate, leaving it scratched, dull, and lifeless. The list below highlights five of the biggest threats to the paint on your vehicle and also provides helpful tips on how to minimize the risk of damage.

Insect Damage

The bugs that splatter against your vehicle when you are driving down the road are more than just a nuisance – they actually can wind up harming your car’s paint. Insect bodies are naturally acidic. If you don’t clean them off of your vehicle right away, they can etch the surface of the paint, leaving behind permanent damage. To protect your vehicle, wash away any dead bugs as quickly as you can. Scrub them gently away with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for removing insects.

Damage From Birds

Birds can be a lot of fun to watch. Unfortunately, however, they also can cause significant damage to vehicles. Their droppings are acidic, which means that they can affect the paint job on your vehicle. The damage that occurs can range from staining and discoloration to etching, depending on the type and consistency of the droppings. To lower the risk of damage, gently wipe away the droppings with a soft cloth and a spray-on cleaner. Instead of rubbing the droppings across the surface of the vehicle as you clean, try to gently lift them off with the cloth. This helps limit the risk of scratching the finish.

Acidic Beverages

When you are getting into your car with your hands full, you may be tempted to set your cup of coffee or your soda on top of your vehicle. If you forget about it and it spills as you drive away, however, your seemingly innocent beverage could wind up hurting the finish of your vehicle. The acidic nature of both coffee and soda can not only cause stains but can also eat away at the clear coat. The best option is to clean up any spilled liquid with a cloth right away. Then, spray the area with a cleaner and wipe it down to remove any leftover residue.

UV Rays

You probably already know that the sun can damage your skin. What may surprise you, however, is that it can also damage the paint on your vehicle. If you leave your car parked in the sun for hours every day, the paint can wind up looking faded and dull. If possible, always park your car in the shade or keep it inside a garage. If you have to park in the sun, consider putting a cover on your vehicle to keep the paint from fading.

Sap From Trees

Parking your car directly under a tree can leave it covered in sap if it sits there too long. Unfortunately, tree sap’s chemical makeup can negatively affect the finish on your vehicle, resulting in irreversible damage. The minute that you notice any sap on your car, you should use a wet cloth to wipe it away. Try polishing the area with an appropriate rubbing compound to clean away any leftover residue. You can also wash the affected part of your vehicle a few times with warm, soapy water to help get rid of any remaining sap.

Make Your Paint Look like New Again With The Help Of An Auto Body Shop

This list barely scratches the surface in terms of the potential threats to your vehicle’s paint. Other common culprits for damage include gas, rocks, and even the pollution in the air. To keep your vehicle’s paint job in great shape, wash it regularly. Once a year, apply a high-quality wax that contains carnauba.

If you need help reversing damage, reach out to an auto body shop. The experts who work at these shops can fix any problems with your paint, making it look like it just came off the factory floor. Anytime you need help with the paint on your vehicle, a shop that specializes in collision repair is the best option.