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Choosing the Best Services to Restore Your Vehicle’s Safety and Performance –– Auto Body Shops and Collision Repairs

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auto body repair
auto body repair

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The task of finding a good body shop or collision repair service that will address the needs of your car for and honest price can seem tricky. But, by knowing why some services will charge more than others will allow you to get right to the service professional who will restore the safety, comfort and performance of your vehicle for the right price.

Here are three essential tips to finding such a suitable Auto Body and Collision Repair Service

1. Word of Mouth Advertising

If you have trusted friends and relatives with a car in similar value and age as your own, they may have had this very service performed and can point out a suitable service in your area, or at least tell you which one’s NOT to try. It is far better to trust the word of someone who has found a suitable service than just going for the business with the best advertising.

2. Consider the Overhead and Location of a Shop

No matter the conditions of your car, it will require a certain amount of labor hours to repair, and this is where prices can be very different. If you were to select from the unassuming-looking repair store, possibly on the edge of town or tucked in a side street, you may find rates like $36 -$50 for labor. A larger shop with a more attractive appeal in a better area of town may charge $65 or more.

This is because a larger well-established auto body and collision repair service will probably also be working with receptionists, janitors, managers and other important services that increase the overhead costs for their business ––complimentary coffee and donuts in the waiting room isn’t free you know? Better locations and comprehensive services come at a higher cost and it will be reflected in the costs of labor.

3. Consider Your Approach

If you were to walk into the body shop with despair in your eyes, a damaged car in one hand and a open checkbook in the other, what kind of message would you be sending to the opportunistic professional running a serious business? Any self-respecting professional will assume that money is no object and you will be happy to add some zeros to the price tag as long as you are on your way soon.

If you don’t have cash to throw around, you will want to choose cool composure as your approach. Begin by asking smart questions after briefly explaining your situation. As if the work they provide comes with a warranty and if this warranty is in writing. How long will the warranty they are offering cover their work? The minimum should be a year, but a really good company could probably offer two or three years.

Of course, for every honest body shop professional there are three shrewd business-minded ones that will not hesitate to charge you a fortune if you allow them. But, by following the advice found here you can avoid the majority and increases your chances of a cost-effective solution to auto body repairs.