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Auto Repair & Car Maintenance – What’s the Difference?

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Auto repair, car maintenance–potato (puh-TEI-toe), potato (po-TAH-toe) right? Not exactly. Auto repair in Minnesota is a complex process that requires a skilled auto mechanic to respond quickly and logically to unforeseen circumstances. Car maintenance requires proactive steps to protect and preserve your vehicle’s vital systems and components.

This guide explains the difference between the two actions that your car needs and when to perform them.

The Best Car Maintenance Tasks for Your Vehicle

The best way to ensure that your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible is by performing preventative maintenance. Minnesota’s climate can be tough on your car and all its sensitive parts. The dry and dusty weather conditions can cause your engine fluids to become contaminated, increase tire pressure, and clog your air filters. Preventative maintenance can help to prevent minor problems from becoming major by keeping up with regular maintenance tasks.

Each vehicle is unique, and every manufacturer has a specific maintenance interval for each component. A ASE-certified mechanic is a trained professional in foreign and domestic cars, hybrids, and standard. This means that they have the knowledge and skills to perform the maintenance on your Minnesota vehicle.

You can keep your car running smoothly by performing the following tasks:

  • Oil changes: This can vary depending on the vehicle you drive and your driving habits. However, it is recommended that your oil be changed every 3,000 km or 6 months. Oil is literally the lifeblood of an engine. It helps to lubricate it, dissipate excess heat and remove contaminants. Over time your engine oil filter can become dirty and lead to the buildup of sludge. Your oil will lose its ability to prevent heat and friction as it becomes dirty. This results in a decrease in performance and an increase of work for your engine.
  • Wheel alignment and tire balancing: Tires are an important part of getting from A to B in safety. They also represent a large investment when you purchase new tires. Maintaining the balance of your tires and keeping them in alignment with the wheels around them will help to prevent uneven wear.
  • Keep fluid levels full Your engine contains many different fluids, which need to be regularly checked and refilled. According to the manufacturer of your vehicle and your mechanic’s recommendation, you should flush and refill your power steering fluid, your engine coolant and other fluids according to a schedule.
  • Replace your filter. Your vehicle has several types of filters that keep its systems clean. To prevent dust and debris accumulation, you should regularly change your cabin air filter, engine air filter, and fuel filter. Each filter has a limit on how much dust and debris it can contain. Once the filter reaches its capacity, it will no longer do its job.
  • Lubricate the chassis. Pay special attention to it. You should consider lubricating your chassis with each oil change, especially in Minnesota where the conditions are dry and dusty.
  • Hoses and Belts: A good maintenance plan includes checking the belts and hoses. Our ASE-trained mechanics know what to look out for when detecting cracking or fraying, which could indicate a failure imminent. These parts can be replaced before they fail to prevent further damage.

It is important to maintain your vehicle regularly. This will help you maximize performance and keep it running as smoothly as possible. We’ll then look at the ways in which our auto professionals can help you with any acute problems that your vehicle may be experiencing.

Reliable Car Repairs to Get You Back on The Road

Sometimes auto repairs are unexpected and the result of a variety of issues. You may have hit a pothole, and now your alignment is wrong. Or perhaps a charger for your cell phone was left plugged in. Now you’ve got a dead battery. Our ASE-certified mechanics are able to service your vehicle quickly and efficiently, no matter what the issue is.

Some of the auto repair services that Minnesota offers include:

  • Tire replacement and repair. Having a flat tire can be an inconvenience. But our technicians are trained to fix flat tires according to manufacturer specifications. We’ll do the job as quickly as we can, whether it is a patch or a plug. Tire Works offers a wide selection of tires that are made to perfectly fit your vehicle when a tire cannot be repaired safely.
  • Wheel Alignment: If your wheels are not properly aligned you will notice that they pull to one side. It’s possible to feel vibrations in the pedals or steering wheel. An incorrect alignment can cause premature tread wear and reduce tire life. Our professionals use sophisticated equipment to achieve the best alignment for your tires as well as your vehicle.
  • Brake service: Your brakes play a vital role in stopping safely and effectively, but they will eventually wear out. It’s time to have your brakes checked if you feel vibrations when you brake or hear grinding or screeching. Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem and restore your brake system to its full potential.
  • Replace your car battery. There are many reasons why a battery in your vehicle is not working. Our team will test your battery, and if needed, replace it with an upgraded battery that is specifically designed for your vehicle.
  • Car AC Repair: Driving a vehicle without an AC that works properly in Minnesota can be a real inconvenience. If your AC doesn’t blow as cold as it should, it could be because it is low on refrigerant. Or it may be that another component is failing. We will test the system and determine the exact cause of the problem. Then we’ll outline the best repair options to bring your AC back to life.
  • Repair of steering: The steering is a vital part of driving safety, and any problems here should not be ignored. Our trained professionals know all the different steering components that may need to be repaired.

Our team ensures that your vehicle will be repaired according to industry standards by using only the best products and parts and servicing it in our modern facilities.

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