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7 Signs Your Car Needs A Tune Up

By March 31, 2020September 1st, 2020No Comments
tune up

tune upMost people often forget to take their vehicles for regular maintenance. As a result, there are too many wrong things going on under the hood that you might not have an idea. If you see any of the signs outlined below, you need to tune up your car immediately.

1. Are The Dashboard Icon Lights On?

Have you noticed one or all the dashboard icon lights turned on? You might have probably ignored it and assumed it wasn’t something serious. Well, it might not be serious at the moment but if you ignore it then problem will exacerbate. It’s time to take your car for a regular tune up to avoid more problems.

2. Are There Unusual Noises?

If you are a regular driver, you must be accustomed to the noises your car makes. It’s actually soothing when you are on a long drive. However, it’s very easy to panic when you hear a new sound coming from your vehicle. If you don’t know where the sound is coming from, it’s best to take your vehicle to an auto mechanic to avoid more issues later on.

3. Is Your Car Stalling?

Are you driving a vehicle with manual transmission? Well, you must be used to stalls by now. However, they are far fewer in automatic vehicles. If your vehicle is frequently stalling with an automatic transmission, it’s a sign there is something wrong under the hood.

Stalling happens when the engine dies and it’s a huge problem. Here are some common issues that might cause your vehicle to stall.

• A faulty fuel pump

• A dead battery

• Ignition issues

• When you release the clutch the wrong way on a manual transmission vehicle

Note that these issues can be handled immediately. Simply, take your vehicle to the mechanic for a regular tune up.

4. Bad Fuel Mileage

If you have been driving for a while, you must have an idea of how long one tank of gas lasts. Refueling the vehicle will also bring the same numbers consistently when you are on the road.

If you notice that your vehicle is using more gas for less mileage, you need to take it in for a regular tune up. Note that, there could be some underlying problems resulting in decrease in overall fuel efficiency.

5. Does Your Car Take Time To Accelerate?

Have you noticed that it takes a while for your car to speed up? If yes, it’s a sign of a problem that has been present for a long time. You might not have noticed it until it has blown up. Well, it’s best to take your car in for a tune up to avoid further problems down the line.

6. Are There Unusual Vibrations?

Do you feel unusual vibrations on your vehicle when driving on rough roads? Well that might be normal but if you feel the same vibrations when driving on a smooth and paved road, it’s a huge problem. It’s an internal problem that should be fixed immediately.

7. Is Your Engine Misfiring?

An engine misfire happens when the engine cylinders misfire thus failing to provide the much-needed power to your vehicle. It will start shaking and if more engines misfire, the more power is lost. Eventually, it will be hard to drive your vehicle around.

An engine misfire is very serious and should be checked out immediately. Some of the common causes of an engine misfire include:

• A faulty ignition

• A problem in your fuel system

• A defect in your engine

Whatever the cause of the engine misfire, you need to take your car in for regular maintenance. If ignored, it could lead to further damage in your vehicle.

Beware of these common signs and take your car for a regular tune up immediately!